Benefits of Deca Durabolin

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  1. thoufeeq says:

    im a 19 year old male.. im 5’8 and have a body weight of 67kg.. i dont want to turn into a freak muscle maniac, but will 50mg decca per week for 6 weeks be enough for me to hit 75 kilos??? and will that low dose will give rise to the side effects like impotency and gyno??

  2. OmertaMonk says:

    I like ur enthusiasm in steroids. Let ur body grow naturally till age 25yrs, then go ahead with AAS, to unleash the animal in u..

    As for ur knowledge…If u r taking 200mg split twice a week for 6 weeks cycle followed by PCT then u would make good of your time and actually see some muscles coming out.. low dose such as 50mg are not sufficient.

    Avoid deca in beginning cycle, use in 2nd cycle. Research and try to understand Test e/c. Administer at 200mg/week for 1-8 week and Winstrol 25mg/EOD for 4-8 weeks. Its a awesome cum safe cycle that gives u good bulk from test and good cuts from winstrol. Your will have a well defined ripped muscles.

    Watch ur body with low dose to see if u r responding. Add more dose if u not responding at low dose. but what I’ve mentioned will do the job.

    If ur still persistent abt deca then add it too for 200mg/week for first 6 weeks along with Test e/c at 400mg/week and winstrol 25mg EOD at the latter part of the cycle.Its still a good combination for your liking.

    Take Dostanex during cycle to fight issues of prolactin and estrogen.
    Followed by 4 weeks of clomid after your last injection. 1-2 weeks clomid 30-40mg and week 3-4 20-30mg. You can also benefit from milk thristels.

    Dont worry deca sides are countered by winny.

    As of my personal suppliment favourite, use Gaspri Superpump 250 and SizeOn from week 1-5, Followed by hydroxycut week 6-8. Follow a clean-nocheat diet.

    Take blood test every other week to keep track of ur lipid profile.

    Always remember, cycles must be done on/off.. 8 weeks on cycle and 8 weeks off cycle, unless u want to torture ur organs for appearance and looks.

    Primary factor for a good muscular body is diet, sleep, exercise.
    Rest all like suppliments, steroids, powders, tablets etc.. are for enhancements.

    Remember steroid use has different effect on different people. I am in my third cycle and I followed the above mentioned cycle for a noticeable gain throughout.. The best part is I still get to keep 70% of the gain during off cycle. But hey, that me and u’ve got all the time in the world.

  3. ali says:

    hi my name is ali my height is 5’11” my body weight is 63kgs i want to bulk up my body and i want to become huge i took once deca durabolin 50mg once in week, but it dose not effect on my body, so i want to know how much mg of deca durabolin should i take per week and plz let me know about steroids cycle, i ll b thankful to you.

  4. Chris says:

    Hey, I’m 30 years old, gymming for a few years and I’m a very active sportman, but I’ve been struggeling with musle ingeries, especialy in my legs (hamstring strains ext). I’ve heard that using steriods especialy deca can not only help pickup some weight, but wil also help with muslebuild and ingeries and even joint pains. Is this true and will it help permanently or as long as you use it or are on a sicle?

  5. ANIL says:

    mean while u have to take protine to bulk ur body n good diet also so that u can see good result decca is jus support to build musles n it will give energy to lift more weights n reputations,so that v can build larger n bulk body with muscularity

  6. sameer says:

    hi i’m 23 Male 5’10\ weight 58 kg i want to build my body physics and wants to look muscular.Can i take Deca Durabolin 200mg.
    wants to know the usage and effect of Deca Durabolin on my body.As i’m desperate to make my body look muscular and gain weight too.
    plz kindly help me out about this.if there is any other steroids product that can help me in gaining muscle fast,I will be very thankful to you….

  7. Praveen Kumar Singh says:

    I am 19 year old and my weight is 46 kg, height is 5’5.
    i want to grow my body and increase my weight by 20 kg,
    can i use deca durabolin, if i can then tell me the details about the dosage and deca durabolin.
    plz kindly help me out about this.if there is any other steroids product that can help me in gaining weight and muscles but not harmful, I will be very thankful to you…

  8. veer says:

    hi m 19 yrs male my body weight is 73 now i m using weider whey protien nd body not a muscullar nd not a ripped pecs body i want batista same body. What can i do. Can u tell me pls nd can i take decca derabolin ns sestanol injection use in summer.

  9. madan says:


    i used deca durobolin 300mg/week for 12 weeks at that time i was 69 later i found increase in my weight to 74-75(not muscular), but when my cycle got completed i stopped gymming due to busy with my works .againg i became around 69.what should i do to increase my weight.

    And for washout i didnt take anything….pls suggest me wat should i take for wash out.

    shall i go for cycle again???
    plsss suggest me…..

    waiting for ur valuable feedback….

  10. B. Choudhury says:

    My Father who is now 88 years old. Feeling very week. Please suggest can i give him Deca Durobolin Inj. If yes then what shall be the dose and how many injection can be given.

    His other parameter of body is almost o.k

    Please reply fast

  11. aadarsh says:

    i am 21 year old. i am taking the dose of deca durobolin. sir please resolve my queries i am bit confused about it should i take its dose at the age of 21 and and will it effect my sexual life?? which diet should i take after its dose?
    i have already gone for physical relation 2/3 times after taking dose.

    plsss suggest me…..

    waiting for ur valuable feedback sir..thank you :)

  12. paddy says:

    Hi..m 30 year old & having 5.7 height with 45 kg weight, will deca durobolin help for weight gain & what cycle need to follow & is there any side effect of it. also tell me any precaution need to take while taking cycle.

  13. mhizz chick says:

    wat are the advantages of deca durabolin and tostesterone

  14. Sameer says:

    Sir my age is 25 n my weight is 105 n height 5.11
    Plzzz tell me decca is safe for me n m also using fat burner hydroxy stim
    If safe then tell me how can i use n how much dosses of decca

  15. meeha says:

    am 20years old girl and my height is 5.4with 35kg weight i wanna gain weight its safe to use deca durobolin 50mg/week.does it coz any side effects lke non pregancy tell me pls wheather to use or not to use.
    waiting for ur feedback!!!

  16. chandi bhatt says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 29 year old guy, my height is 5.7″ and my weight is almost
    54 kg ,i want to gain my body weight upto 70 kg.
    so, will you please advice me that can i take deeca and how much.

  17. vikrant says:

    My father is 68 years old.He is suffering Hypertension problem from last 5 years.Blood & Urine tests are done and results are-
    Blood urea-106.
    Serum creatinine-3.02%
    Albumin- Present + in urine.
    Urine appearance – Turbid.

    Medications are running as under-
    1)Zerofos tablet (1-1)
    2)Eido fe tablet (1-1)
    3)Revelol XL 50 (1)
    4)Clavix 75 mg (1)
    5)Tamgress 0.4 (1)
    6)Cilacar 20 mg (1)
    7)X tor 20 mg (1)
    8)dytor tablet-One to two tablets per month.
    9)Synprotik capsule (1-1)
    10)Nucartin tablet (1-1)
    11)Decadurabolin injection(50mg)-Once in a 15 days.

    Presently he is feeling tiredness/Uneasyness.His B.P is 160/90 and Body weight is 68.0 Kgs.His heamoglobin is dropped down from last months 9.46 to 8.00.

    Are these doses running in a required amount of dose or are Overdosed.
    Please guide and give your valuable advise.

  18. omkishnani says:

    Generally why Durabolin injection recommended?

  19. simran says:

    Hi, I m 30 years of age & my height is 5ft only I need 4 to 5 inchs more. please confirm if i can use these injections for height increse & how many doses i need to take, as increase in my height is very imp. for ur swift reply

  20. BarneyBarnard says:

    Hey there I am 20 years old weighing 96kg and my height is 1.85m. I previously trained very hard for 2 years I stopped now for about 18 months and I want to start again soon to train hard what will be the best cycle to use now to get my strength and build back want to weigh at least 100kg

  21. BarneyBarnard says:

    Hello .My father is 48 years old he is overweight weighing 170 kg and height of 1.94 m his blood pressure runs at a average of 175/130 what will be the best solution . He’s using medication for his blood pressure and is ons a strict diet but it doesn’t seems to be working can anyone please help with suggestions tips medication ect. Thank you

  22. jatindwr singh says:

    Sir i am 19 year old my weight 56kg .weight gain use aa deca safe or not pls tell me

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