Does Deca-durabolin Really Cure Joint Pain?

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One Response to “Does Deca-durabolin Really Cure Joint Pain?”

  1. Jo Petrovic says:

    I was prescribed and injected with Durabolin every month for advanced osteoporosis back in 1989 – when I was 42 years old. It took almost immediate effect in reducing my back pain, but after 3-4 years on it I had gained a lot of weight – so much, that I put it down to the Durabolin and ceased using it. Nevertheless I still struggle with weight-gain and have put on a lot more since then. Three years ago after a nursing incident when my back was subjected to more than usual strain, I was referred to a specialist who found that the osteoporosis was still a factor & though there were no new bone fractures, I had lost 3 inches in height. I am now on Protos suspension nightly Strontium ranelate)and Calcitriol in the morning. I still get quite a lot of osteoporosis back pain, but according to a recent bone density scan, my bone density has now improved.

    My question is this: Would I have been better to continue using the steroid Durabolin on a regular basis for the past 22 years, or has it been found not to be as effective with osteoporosis now. I was told by my Rheumatologist that it has been found to actually hinder rather than help osteoporosis. But when I read your webpage, it made me wonder.
    I am now 64 years old.

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